Valdres Folk museum
Valdres Folk museum is an open air museum, where you can see how the people lived in this region in the past. The museum has seventy buildings including old farms and sheds with nice wooden furniture.
In addition, it includes 20.000 art objects and a costume exhibition.Lomen stavechurch

Lomen stave church
From the end of 12th century. The stave church is used only for special occasions after the new church was built in 1914. The wood carved statue of St. Mary is one of the most beautiful and remarkable examples of medieval church art in Norway.

Slidredomen is the most important church of  Valdres. The church is more thenSlidredomen800 years ago build by stone blocks of the Ravneberg on the west side of the Slidrefjord. The church is rich decorated.

Gardbergveld is a grave field from the Roman time with more than 500 burial mounds. The Einang stone has a central position, while it is the oldest runic stone in Scandinavia still on its original place.

Summer Mountain farms
EinangssteinenTo run a summer mountain farm is an important part of the culture heritage of Valdres. The summer mountain farms culture has meant a lot for the development of the national identity and the eat and music traditions in Norway.

Summer mountain farms have put a stamp on the culture landscape for years. On the most Places, you see a decay, but here in the community there are still about 100 mountain farms, which are active in use with cows and milk production. You can visit a number of these farms.